Trip to Whitechapel Art Gallery



Outside Art Gallery

Outside Whitechapel Art Gallery on Friday 28th March 2014

Whitechapel Art Gallery

-Today looking at Stephen Willats’ work

His work is socially engaged

His work was presented as art, as early as 1979

Are those issues that were relevant then (in 1979) still relevant today?

*Hilary will like you tobuild up on his work

Quotes from Stephen Willats work

(There are blocks of pictures which all link together)

“If all we got coming in is ten ton we only want one gang” – “Find the connection” – “There is no point hanging around”

“I sign his pass and punch a hole in it” – “Associate the function” – “We will cash in and help one another”

“There is a small gratia payment for doing it” – “Re-orddr the relationship” – “Whether there’s a possible job has a great deal of effect”

“We finalise everything they have actually done” – “Create the meaning” – “Dockers realised long ago ago that education is a step forward”

Other Art Work

– There was a glass table cull of pictures, interviews,  plans, a mind map of Ocean Estate.

– There is a map/picture of ‘ Working Within a Defined Context Workshop (1978)’.

-Stephen Willats edited notes during interviews with men working at West India Docks.

– There were 8 displays titled ‘Inside An Ocean’  that a questiin and an answer from a resident, on each big picture.

-There was a display of the Twin Towers: Ideological Consciousness.

– In another room there were big gkass tables filled with ornaments e.g. vases, bowls, saucers, dishes ( handmade vessels).

-There were some glass tables with books in them.

– A display of pottery.

-A display of teapots and vases.

Display relating to Audio Walk

-‘Social Sculpture’ – Janet Cardiff.

-The Missing Voice (Case study B).

-1999- Audio Walk- 50 minutes – commissioned by Atangel.

– On the shelf there were 5 books displayed

1). ‘Dream of Darkness’ – Reginald Hill.

2). ‘Judge & Jury’ – James Patterson

3). ‘4th of July’- James Patterson

4). ‘3rd Degree’ – James Patterson

5).’The Andromeda Strain’ – Micheal Crichtoo

6) The Auto Walk is individual walk for my personal research

– To listen to ‘The Missing Voice’ you are supplied with the audio tour onan MP3 player and headphones.  The tour begins at the entrance of the old library side of tge gallery.




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