Devising theatre a practical and theoretical handbook by Alison Oddey (1996) Routledge ( pp 25, 26, 27 )

Oddey experiments with group work to explore the challenges of devised theatre since the 1960’s. The devising methods makes the performer confront what they devising within their performance. It engages with people on different levels. Working within the group you must develop a relationship thee must trust , honesty and openness between the group members. This enables the performances to move forward and create a devised piece. Within group work she states you must have trust to enable to reflect criticism within your performance.
As this helps you devising work to move forward and integrate to the next level. When devising a piece of work you must include stimula to understand the development of the performance which it is process. When in disagreement in regard to the processes of your performance this is reflected as a healthy option because it opens up new ideas and concepts on how you can move on from one point to another and reflect on how you can make changes to develop further strategies within your performance.
When devising core elements is essential skill as you are developing and processing your performance as you go along this is a learning process to develop new materials to our devised piece.
When devising on your piece you must think carefully on the subject matter for example Oddey had a open meeting that focused on women with alcoholic issues. She suggests to create an open environment so the audience felt the atmosphere of the piece that was happening. Oddey by positioning one of the actors to sit within the audience this brought the audience into the performance and this reflected how the audience member can feel connected and feel part of whats going on within the performance.

This precis connects with my autobiographical solo performance because it focus on alcoholic issues and this reflect on my mum that was a alcoholic, a gambler and a smoke . This linked in very well with the subject matte that was going around my performance.


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