Practical Project

Youtube Links for Performances

1. (Chanel Monologue recording)

2. (Chanel Monologue rehearsal)

3. (Chanel video footage performance)

4. (Dress Rehearsal Chanel)

5. (Olivia video footage)

Solo performance rehearsal process- 3rd March

Olivia (member of my class) and I decided to have rehearsals and discuss feedback on our performances. We both agreed that both our performances need more time to develop to show strong depth to our piece, as we were using  complex material in our performance. From performing our scratch performance we learned how to devise our performance. We wanted to use a wide range of research to create an open minded audience participation on our performance. Our aim was to give the audience a opportunity to connect with our performances. We also discussed and gave each other critical feedback to how we could develop our performance further.

We agreed to meet every Tuesday to rehearse and analyse each others performance and give feedback.

Tuesday 15th March

We reflected on our first performance . Key questions included how we wanted to develop and how we could extend our performance?

We then individually worked on our performances .

Showed each other aspects of our performance that we worked on.

Looked at our writings and experimented with different ideas in order to use different materials in our performance.

22nd March
We met up at the Stratford Water Lane campus library. We focused on the readings discussed how we could use these materials in our performance.

The reading – Devising Theater by Alison Oddey

It mainly focuses on the aspects such as why devising is important and to whom, formation, origins and how to target the audience. The reading helped our understanding on how we can collaborate and how we can support and provide each other with critical analysis on each other’s performance and how we could develop and create a stronger performance.

This helped us to continue with our development on our performance.

29th March

How is this relevant to my performance?

Anna Deavere Smith Final project used political elements . Even though she used political elements in her performance she used a combination of her and other peoples work. This helped opening our minds to other ideas. This creates complexity and understanding other performance in order to influence and contextulize our own ideas that helped us develop our performance further.

19th April

Discussed theatre visits

‘Oh what a lovely war’ at Theatre Royal

This play consisted of a political view point of world War II. It had aspects of a serious complex story of World War II and how the propaganda of men and woman were focus to join the war effort.

There was comedy used in the play to detach the audience from the reality of the war. They achieved this by the use of characters. The characteristics use on the play was used in extremely funny context to take away the stigma of the war and what the war represented.

How did I connect this to my performance? How was this useful?

Olivia and me were doing a autobiographical performance that related to real life experiences that had deep meaning and approach important issues. For example my performances explores neglection and child abuse whilst my performance focuses on eating disorders and body image.

‘Oh what a lovely war’ is a prime example for transforming a traumatic historical experiences into a comedic diversity.

5th May- Final Performance

Olivia’s review on my performance-

Chanel’s performance consisted of her performing a monologue about her childhood and relationship with her mother . How her mother was a drunk and how she was neglected as a child. She used aspects of comedy techniques ‘Parody’ style performance.

Performing about a person’s experience and using comedy to detach yourself and the spectators from the traumatic experience.
Performing about a personal experience and using comedy to detach yourself / sad experience.

She was intimating a an old women throughout the performance inspired by Catherine Tate and Mrs. Browns Boys, which made the spectators reminiscing their own childhood. I liked the use of props and characteristics and how she illustrated the different characters, which was a very  strong element of the performance.

I liked the way she created a pub atmosphere , with the use of cigarettes, pint glasses and shots of whiskey. Also other aspects of her performance such as portraying her mother saying ‘in a minite love’ while taking shots. Overall I believe this was a successful performance stating issues and making statements while also balancing the performance with comedy.

Olivia’s Performance (Eating disorder and body image)

She wanted her performance to show the challenges and the process of an eating disorder and also explore the perception of eating disorders. Her performance showed the body perception image and how the society judges you on the outside, and never acknowledged your inner self. It showed the media stereotype about the modelsame or actresses and how they should look.

I liked the way Olivia establishes on eating disorder and how this affects women and how they handle eating or not eating (control of eating). The performance shows the realities of people diagnosed with Bullimia and the process of making them sick to stop themselves from gaining weight. These were the true reflections on the reality. She used the fake smile  as a way of showing the enjoyment of losing weight.

I loved the way Olivia put the cake all over her body as a different way of been perceived to be gaining weight on different parts of the body, but transferring it around to a different meaning. It suggested that the cream on the cake was an excellent moisturiser and women could apply it on their bodies.

Overall comparing to her previous performance, the context this time was projectedesigned in a stronger way by exploring the depths of what it is like to have an eating disorder.




Activity done in class




Writing for performance: turning your ideas into text 

Guest Lecturer: Cathy Naden

Workshop: The use of writing in devising and developing ideas for performance.



Introduction to auto-ethnography in preparation for term 2

Solo performance- with Ananda Breed

Description of Session:

  • This session addressed ‘What is Solo Performance’
  • It explored various techniques of producing solo materials
  • It analysed the work of contemporary solo artists.
  • It also discovered the personal voice and persona as an artist.

The following exercises were conducted during the session: Name with Movement, Intro to Solo Performance, Switching Places, Image Theater, Testimonial Theater, Shepard/Sheep, Swapping Stories, Sounder/Mover, Big Wind Blows, Mini Solo Performance Sharing, and Reflection Circle.

Solo performance:

All of the people should really push themselves to bring out like a perfect performance stretching and expanding and creating lots of analogies  and metaphors
Use different parts of your life and try to connect them. Constant research is a very important part as well. Use metaphors, work doesn’t need to be straight.

Idea is like,take a word and remember any story which is related to it and then improve on it. Using different characters, and how they change from one to other. Changing the pace of the piece also help. Subconscious should come out, think on the spot and whatever come to your mind. Also we learn something about the person. One word can mean so many different things to different people.

I started  as a child wanting to be a nurse  to help people. This is my first memory of wanting to fit in the world. Having enough conventional upbringing which in my case was to be brought up by an alcoholic mother. This led me to try to escape from what was going on in my life. That time I used to do ballet, jazz and street dance and drama.
Indirectly I was trying to use this things to escape from my unhappy life. Along this journey, I became a dance teacher.

Unfortunately for me, I had motor bike accident that ended my career. This left me with spinal problems and it disabled my left leg. After having my children I decided to go back in to education. I started with the level 1 and the level 2 drama course then moved on level 3 and level 4. Also then complete the HND level course. Moving on I started to do the BA theater course in the university. While I was completing the 1st and the 2nd year in university, I had no idea of where I was going. And in the end of my second year, I discovered that I want to become a drama teacher, to teach secondary school age groups from 11 to 19. I therefore then I arranged my work placement for 3rd year in university teaching drama to secondary year students from the age 16 to 19 years old. This 50 hours of work experience gave me an insight of what it was to be a drama teacher within educational setting.

This incident affected my life very much. Doing it made me feel like I was in the right place doing the right thing and at the right time. In my next step I’m going to be applying for a postgraduate drama teaching so I can Continue my journey through education using applied theater and drama and then furthermore  with the community.


  • Get carried away according to the conversation.
  • Switching between the characters, and the interruption.
  • Energy of the piece should be as required.
  • You can use stories of your own self or stories of others.
  • The performance is not expected to do just in a single way.

When u babble of when u forget the lines, is more innocent. Feels more truthful to the set piece, rather than the set piece. Here it involves a little disclosing of the performer.

A lot of thing come from passion. And the thing you could do anything for, anything which your parents would fight for, things you are passionate about.

Testimonial Theater Exercise

Get into pairs. Share a moment from your life when you experienced being labelled due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc. Listen to one another using active listening skills and pay attention to gesture and metaphor. After both individuals have shared, create a mini performance of the story. Repeat again. This time, the teller is able to fictionaliz the story. Likewise, the listener can embellish certain elements. The listener is able to write down the story and to edit towards a performed piece. Add gesture and metaphor. Perform again.


When I was young my life was surrounding by cigarette’s smoke, beer, smelly drunk people and the smoke around me almost made me choke. No wonder how I got asthma.

There was lot of shouting and an aggressive mother with no kind words. Never once that she said I love you. Just throwing out orders. Waking me up early hours of morning and shouting make me a cup of tea now. Living in a house which was always dirty. For a 5-year-old I was cleaning the house just like Cinderella.

I would always be dreaming that I could escape this prison. But when I danced I was in another world, in the happiest place ever. I always dreamed of being a ballerina dancing on the stage. When I passed my ballet exams, I was so happy. But then after the class, going home was the reality of my existence, the place where I had to live. Evening after evening of going to school, I went in the kitchen full of emptiness without the food and also an empty house with no one in, just me alone. I used to pray to God at times…saying why me!

I knew where my mom was in her second house, the kings Arms above, smoking, gambling and drinking all the time. As I picked up and asked for my mom, it was always the same answer. My mom would come on the phone drunk as a skunk, slowing her words I will be home soon, I will bring you Chinese. Of course she never did. As I go upstairs to my room alone talking to my one and only teddy bear, crying myself to sleep because I was so hungry. Waking up in the morning being shouted at the face by her my so called mother. Get up, go to the shop and buy some bread she would say. I couldn’t learn properly at school because I was undernourished. The only hope I had  when I would stay at my father’s place at weekends, where I could get fed properly. I couldn’t understand why my mother got custody of me and not my father.

I hated living existence with my mother. I got dragged from pub to pub, sleeping on the pub chairs, asking begging to go home to my bed. All I got was in a minute and soon, but that never happened, until the pub bell rung and it was closing time. Half asleep I got told to get in the taxi to go home. My mother was so pissed that she fell on the floor and I had to help her to the taxi. All I wanted is to be normal like the other kids.


Site Specific workshop 1: engaging with places and people.

Activity: To go around Stratford in groups and making a communication with the local people.

Questions asked

  1. Were they living locally in Stratford?
  2. What did Stratford mean to them?

People thought that the shops were a very important part in the Stratford area. The visitors mostly came there for shopping and they thought that since the Olympics the standard of the area has increased.

Later the group visited Stratford Theatre, where we got more information about Joan Littlewood who created and funded the Stratford theatre.

When we went around there we found a man eating who turned out to be a director. He shared his thoughts with us and explained how Stratford is very diverse and how theater works around here within the community.

The director explained us that the reason why he came to Stratford was because of the work of Joan Littlewood and the history behind it. This got him attracted to Stratford.


Working with Audiences

With Jorge Ramos

Working on ideas- Even if you are not sure about the idea, you have to keep working on it, so at least it is continuous. How to start how to develop all the things was helped by the tutors one by one. The most important thing is that you have to be absolutely sure with a decision about what you are going to do.  Keep moving on, and be creatively involved. Include one thing which going to be the best. Anything can be the topic. Even coming up with an idea is the beauty of creating a project which is your own. It doesn’t have to be in a specific. The topic or content is important, but the form of the piece is necessary as well.

Tutors story- Started theater in nonspecific way, it can be anything, any space can be created as a theater. He did it in the trains. First two times did it without permission. But for the 3rd time they got permission because the first two times were really successful. The audience has a role, but they much more are observers. If there is a part of audience in the performance, you can’t work it out in the rehearsals as it’s never known about what’s going to happen, the reaction is always going to be different. So they studied the methodologies for that to work, how to prepare the hosts and how to work on the responses. They made a written project for a performance in a hospital named House of Healing, but it was never performed.

In terms of developing the work, what to expect from audience? The best thing is never assume anything. Depends on the knowledge of what the audience has been informed.
In another type of spectrum, if the performance is like a game or competition, the scenario can be totally different. Theater is a private place, one has to pay for it, and normal type of people and very small amount of people go and pay for it. So a wider type of public is not involved. All the performance is concerned by what type of audience is going to be there. In the galleries, the amount of new people coming is very small. In the Olympic Park there are different rules according to standing position. It is like a public place. But there are many rules which are involved. So even if it’s a public place, there are so many things which the performers wouldn’t be able to do. It helps in publicity, but the owners of the place would prefer marketers to do that instead of the artists.


The readings from class really help me to reflect one one of my stories from the past and connect it with my thought patterns in the class. Also during the classes, I was able to relate my personal emotions in converting it into a story.


Bobby Baker is a performance artist whose gift is for subverting domesticity. She is hilarious and has, for 35 years, lived up to her surname.

The above reading of Autobiography and performance by Deirdre Heddon helped me to analysis the theory of performance and implement it in my own performance. It really helped me to develop my piece

Mrs. Browns Boys

Katherine Tate

These were the two characters I have inspired my performance from. I found their stories quiet similar to mine which helped me connect more to the characters and get good work out of it.


Miss Atomic Bomb stars Catherine Tate, award winning star of TV and theater, who is reunited with West End star Simon Lipkin following their critical and audience success in Sondheim’s Assassins at the Menier Chocolate Factory.


Everyone had their own different perceptions. Some of them rated it good, some of rated it bad. But overall it was a very good entertaining show. It refected the difference aspects of emotions to the performance


Mrs Brown’s Boys live at The O2 (JUL 8)




Working with audiences 2

With Jorge Ramos

Fragment from chapter: A DRAMATURGY OF PARTICIPATION File

Using the following can help the audiences to engage with the dermatology of the performance

1. Participatory rituals host will demonstrate an action, the audience would see, learn and repeat.
E.g.- PLAY – HOTA MADEAI .In a play there was two naked people  who were about to get married but the act goes like they were washed by a sponge by another performer. Then they invite some person from audience to come and do that. This makes the audience more involved.

2. Immersive environments If the thing the performers are up to which are non-familiar, but if u r familiar with the environment, the audiences mixes well.

3. Interactive gameplay Which is using structures from game design, like for E.g.  If I am designing the game, the player can’t be ignored. So the rules and timing have to be considered.
E.g. – In the play earlier, when the couple get married Jason cheats on Madeai, she goes crazy, throws everyone out, makes the place a Cabaret club and just invites the women, but the men get in there in disguise. This is how the interactive Game play went on. It was like a gender war, spying on each other, this make the performance very involving.

Document the hell out of your performance. Whenever performing, you need to have pictures and videos, this helps to get better as well as helps to market the stuff.

Everyone was asked to bring thing anything, and put down together. And then all were asked to take a look at it. And then form a group of three people, but go to a person less familiar.  And now select items from there which u would take to make a game of it.


Site Specific workshop 2 Performance


In this class we watched two performances. Olivia performed and then explained what parts she did change and re-performed it and some of her class members gave her feedback.

Then, Sabrina showed her performance choosing a piece of performance to with it, then the tutor asked the students to join in and do a dance to the music. This helped Sabrina to reflect what she can use in her performance and then all the students gave her feedback. Than the tutor removes the music and put Sabrina’s soundtrack to see how others would reflect to it.


Class with Bobby Brown


  1. Saw the art collection in the above pictures, as I walked around the installation of the gallery outside in Stratford. As I read and looked at every individual picture, i reflected firstly on the image and what it made me feel. Then I read the storied of the person behind the pictures and connected the emotion, to see if I emotionally connected to the picture or not, because the picture did one thing and the story did another. Overall, I liked all the pictures as all of them were special in their own way which made me feel different for every artist.
  2. Shopping in Morrisons with a budget of £1 and bring a thing which you would have any past story with which you can share.

3. There were a lot of things arranged on the table, of which the activity was to make an artistic piece


When we can back from Morrisons we started to discuss what things we got which explained the culture where we came from. We all chose something different and they we all told out stories individually. It was very interesting to hear the different stories around the table.

I bought spaghetti which comes from my cultural background from Malta which is a Mediterranean island next to Sicily. The story behind that was how my father taught me to make spaghetti from scratch and how he used to go swimming in Malta and catch an octopus with a sphere. Me and my cousin posed in a picture with the octopus sticking to our hand. Then I continued the tradition of cooking Spaghetti to my children, and because of that the children always remember their granddad, as he passed away three years ago. The children say that I should always finish my Spaghetti, as if I don’t, grand dad will be sad.


Project Proposal

Final Practical Project Proposal
Name Chanel Falzon
Contact Email
Contact Phone Number
Title of your project Opportunities for everyone
Please describe your work in 50 words
My work is in the area of disability and to study how an illness is conflicted on a person against their will. This has its specific effects on the individual which may be psychological or physical. The research also includes about how the disabled person is perceived by other individuals highlighting how people see the disability before the person.
Please tell us about what you would like to do, including the ideas behind the work and how it works with an audience (150 – 200 words).
 I would like to show the suffering that a disabled person goes through on daily basis. For example, pain, stress, physical difficulties in walking around. I would like to share what happens to a disabled person when they are not socially accepted and they are being bullied one way or another.

The ideas that can be used in this work is to show the audience how difficult it is for a disabled person to function to do every day physical activities. It is also to make people aware the difficulties and challenges that a disabled person faces every single day of their like and the psychological trauma which they go through on a regularly. I would also like to elaborate on how religion promotes positivity to help an individual to carry on.

I would like the audience to somehow participate in the performance and acknowledge the situation, foreseeing how difficult it is to perform normal everyday things, like getting up a chair, travelling and etc. I want the audience to reflect and understand how it works for a disabled person. Basically, working on wanting to know ‘How would they fell if they had to go through the same condition?’

Please tell us where you propose to present your work, and the nature of its timing (location/time/duration).
Location: The location will be used as per University arrangements

The time will be worked out as the available slot but the performance will last from 15 to 20 minutes

Please provide a project timetable detailing key targets and actions to be taken between now and the project delivery e.g. permissions, materials, health and safety checks.
 There is there months’ time till the presentation of the performance.

The first step in preparation would be to do research on Solo Performance Practitioners to formulate ideas on how to deliver the piece.

The next step is to contact the tutor who is helping me with the performance side of the Solo Piece. From the research and my ideas formulate a story that I will be performing.

After finding out the location, I will work on the props needed for the performance and the other technical things as well. Also contact stage management in the University of East London and get a health and safety from to perform any checks needed. Contact will be kept regarding the delivery of required equipment through email.

Have regular tutorials and updated to all tutor involved in the solo project to keep the communication updated.


Please list the equipment and materials that you will need to deliver your project.
Planning in process
Please describe the evaluation process that you will undertake during and following your project delivery.
The evaluation process will be worked out while working on the performance and developing it according to the working needs of it
Please include a brief artist’s statement that describes you and your work (500 words) and any images/plans/maps or other materials that support your proposal.

In process of Research



Script for performance

Oh I can’t get up

Oh God help me (Struggling to get off bed)

Here I go again (Sits up)

You! (Pointing at Ben) Hi, can you help me up

Oh Fuck (In that action)

Here I go again ,Oh help me over here love (Video playing on)


Hello duckies

When I was baby, I weighted lighter than a bag of sugar

I lived with my mother who was a f***ed up alcoholic

I went in the kitchen and looked in the cupboards

They were bear there was nothing in there

No food for me there

I was around 5 years old living in filth

Cleaning the house top to bottom

Holy fuck, here I go again the pain is unbearable

When I was a teenager the boys used to call me names

Barge ass, they used to say my ass used to come round the corner half hour before I did

(Does actions with the hands) That was a big ass, big fat ass.

Oh, those were the days, p***s them f*****g boys

And look at me now.


I used to dance to escape the sad life I had

There I was surrounded by cigarettes, smoke, beer and smelly drunken people.

I was always dreaming I could escape this prison.

I could fell the emptiness around me as I was all alone

I prayed to God why me, but holy fuck, I didn’t get an answer.

I knew where my mum would be, in the king’s arms, fuking pub her second home.

I called her on the phone, she was drunk as a skunk.

She always said she would bring me Chinese food home, but she never did (hands- out Chinese food leaflets)

Just me and my teddy bear, my only friend as I used to cry myself to sleep every-night alone.

I was dragged from pub to pub, sleeping on the pub chairs, fuking bullocks it was. The pub bell used to ring ‘time- up, time to leave, last orders’.

‘Come on Mum, we got to go’ I used to say, to which my she would reply ‘In a minute love, in a minute’ (Prop- a coat which represents my drunk mum, there will be two tables, on one table there will be 6 glasses, of which I will drink saying the above dialogues, and on another there will be two children’s plates, a girl and a boy with knifes and forks with dinner set ready)

‘The taxi is here’ I said when I was half asleep. My mother was so pissed so she felt on the floor

And there I was helping my alcoholic mother off the floor (pulls the coat which represents the mother)

I always wanted to be a nurse, helping out other people and to clean after drunk people’s mess.

I was just like Cinderella cleaning up other people’s mess.

Come on kids, dinner is ready (goes to the table, cuts up the fruits on the table like setting out dinner).

Props to use


Beer glasses (six)

Chinese food leaflets




Children’s food plates (One girl and a boy)

Coat (That represents my mum)

Performance Autobiography.

My work is in the area of disability and to study how an illness is conflicted on a person against their will creating its psychological or physical effects. The research also includes about how the disabled person is perceived by other individuals highlighting how people see the disability before the person.

Linking it in with my upbringing as a child, I was brought up by an alcoholic mother and there was not very much food in my home to eat, and how from 5 years of age I used to clean the house as I didn’t like to live in a filthy place. From birth I had struggles in the world as I was lighter than a bag of sugar. I had a hard start in life. In my performance I wanted to portray the realities that happen in people’s life but reflect it in a way that the audience would not look upon it just in a sympathetic way but see it in different points of view.

The ideas that can be used in this work is to show the audience how difficult it is for a disabled person to function to do every day physical activities. I would like the audience to somehow participate in the performance and acknowledge the situation, foreseeing how difficult it is to perform normal everyday things, like getting up a chair, travelling and etc. This is what I tried to show in my performance by asking someone to come and help me get up, which made the audience aware how hard normal activities are for a disabled person.

The first step in preparation was to do research on Solo Performance practitioners to formulate ideas on how to deliver the piece. I choose Catherine Tate and Mrs. Browns Boys to work on. The naturalistic link with Catherine Tate was that in my childhood I used to blow bubbles from gums all the time and I had a care free attitude and I couldn’t be bothered. Choosing Mrs. Browns Boys was a way of using the comedy elements to reflect a disabled person in a comic role. As the performance was looking into my past and present it could link very properly.


The above script has been updated by me as per the feedback I received for the performance I did. I have to improvise and make the performance better in order to perform at the gas station. I removed the chewing gum and the ‘Am I bothered part’ and added the props listed above.

The thought behind each prop is that it represents certain emotions such as ‘The Beer and the Cigarette smoke’ represents the stink and the stench of the pub environment because in time it used to be allowed to smoke in the clubs. As there will be two tables the first one will have six beer glasses and beer on it for which I will say ‘In a minute’ and then I will act to drink from one glass. The meaning behind this whole scene is time and waiting.

The ‘Bell’ represents that its time to take the last drink and leave as the pub is closing. The ‘Coat’ will represent my alcoholic mother where she used to fall over and I have to pick her up and how she used to drag me from place to place. The ‘Chinese Leaflets’ represents her promise of bringing home the Chinese food which she never did and I am going to hand these leaflets out to the audience so they have some sort of memory they take away with them.

On the second table they will be placed two children’s plates, a girl and a boy with knifes and forks with dinner set ready. This represents the caring nature and love that I now provide for my own children that I didn’t have from my own mother.






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