Solo Performance

Doing Research in Theater and Performance

What is Research?
We can define research as the systematic process of collecting and analyzing information to increase our understanding of an issue. All the things involved must be systematic, mandatory and should be step by step analysed and organised. Getting well involved in the subject and longer engagement both the things are very mandatory. The framework of the subject has to be set and it should be made sure all the aspects of that certain area are correct. They should be a network of where subject and matter  go together.

Devising Theater

Chapter 2 The Beginnings How and Where to start
The Beginnings How and Where to start was a great incident for me as a drama student. It explains how devising the beginning is the interaction between the members of the group. This helps a lot for going along the group processes. They use various ways within the company such as devising process which makes it challenging for the group members, doing the ongoing work on different levels and also cooperation within the group members. The outcome of this was affiliation and unity at the same time. Working united sometimes get difficult if there are any ongoing conflicts within the individuals in the group. But if the group discovers the relationship between them, then the actual production of work begins. When the group members are starting to devise theater, there must be trust and openness between them. There must me diplomacy included. Each member should be able to show their support and sensitivity towards the group. In this way the group will be able to communicate totally. Individuals must give in their personal involvement within the investigation, so that the group is able to explore better. When the Devising process is in the early stages it is very important that the group experiments and develops themselves using stimulus and communication.Devising Theater can also be seen as a shared common purpose. For example– Working with homeless community or using site specific outdoor theater as a combination of instinct and experience.
To gain process experience students should do workshops as this enables the student to understand group dynamics and investigating the content alongside the chance ‘To be director and be the outside eye’. This is needed very much to lead the group overall. The structure was set at alcoholics anonymous ‘open meeting’. The serving of tea and biscuits was used when the actor was interacting with the audience. This put the audience in a interactive setting and the open meeting was on. The subject of alcoholism in women in society was being discussed. This clearly gave audience a role in the ongoing process.The audience was not allowed to sit comfortably within the lecture theater. The characters sat within the audience which made the audience fell like they are a part of what’s going on.
How does theater grow from a literary text to director in performance and the stimulus for story telling focus on actors within the group?

Origins: Mark Long said to consider the start of the show as to link the beginning to an answer so that the areas and the place in the setting correlate. For example- In the starting point while doing the show, one should set up a picture or a line in some particular book. During the 1930s, the elderly people seemed to be appreciated by all as the joy appealed from recognition and realization of passed memories within the theoretical form .Selection of a theme and it’s storytelling to group members gets included in the form of memories, which may also be recorded on tapes. This was used by the actors which is a very strong link to the audience.

Anna Deavere Smith Final Project

Anna Deavere Smith used a story that was known to her by people’s telling. She used the subject of race at the time of racial conflagration. She also witnessed the Jews and the Black’s in crown height in the fires. The event happened where Rodney King was beaten by police in Los Angles. This brought a new life into it. She worked as a journalist during 1996 presidential elections. She gave the audience the stepback and step in stimulus around by using recognition. But in here she used an unfamiliar territory.
Anna used the Rodney King experience to think how justice system works. She has a gift in using props and using them by undoing and overdoing. She has not been on stage as herself. She is a theatrical wizard who magically connects the ‘I’ and the ‘We’.

Documentary Solo Performance,The politics of the mirrored self
By Jonathan Kalb
During the mid 1995, when the final disintegration of the Berliner Ensemble lift the sole leader Heiner Muller, was once loudly insisting that Brect was out of date and the paradigm were ‘Idiots’ and Muller had some good Brect projects in mind to use in the near future, but it must have to be approved by Brect heirs first. “That because Americans are all innocent” the most difficult audiences in the world. This contained a truth that went much further then Brect in regard to political theater within the United States. Guy Deborah used the term “Society of the Spectacle”. This was used 33 years ago which started to come from US and then to the rest of the world after the second world war.
The use of documentary has a powerful response to this and the artists seemed to fuse a psychological compassion with identification. Brecht may not approve of the finding of it. All the artists on the Kalb mind have explained this type of performance very well and in here, which used an elementary debate on public receptivity to politics and critical thinking.


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