Cultural Entrepreneurship – Powerpoint presentation on stage managment

This is the PowerPoint presentation that we had to do in our Cultural Entrepreneurship class.

Stage Management

The following information is evidence of comparison between a performance that I did at Barking and Dagenham College and experiences of the technical difficulties that we had on that day within stage management.

Fashion Show Event Proposal

Chanel hand picture

Theatre Team
Contents Page

• Auditorium Layout Proposals
• Proposed Running Order
• Rohingya Summary
• Rohingya Script
• Ala Kachuu Summary
• Ala Kachuu Example Photos

Stateless Rohingya Set Piece
Plot Summary
Set in the Arakan region of Burma the story follows the journey of Afsana a young Rohingyan girl terrorized when she witnesses soldiers of the regime violently assaulting her friend. She escapes back to her home and we see three generations of women from her family; Afsana, her mother & grandmother preparing to flee the country in fear of their lives. They try to buy safe passage to Pakistan through a trafficker, but do not have enough money for the whole family. The pressure on the Rohingyans escalates as the soldiers go from village to village asking for identity papers. Afsana’s grandmother cannot find her papers and is arrested. The daughter embarks on a treacherous boat journey out of Burma without knowing if she will see her family again.
Performance Genre
As the subject is sensitive we have created a short piece of theatre using verbatim theatre techniques using real testimony from Rohyngyans to develop the story. We intercut the personal story of Afsana with news reportage style of delivery giving facts about the situation of the Rohyngyans. We have taken real life testimony and edited it into our piece so that we can hopefully get the facts across without the piece being over sentimentalised.
• We would like to create an intense atmosphere so that the audience can get an understanding of how devastating the situation in Burma is .We are attempting to briefly transport the audience into the lives of these people so they can have an insight into the plight of the Burmese Rohingyans.
• Although the piece is very intense and devastating we would like the audience to experience a sense of hope as these people fight for their freedom through Afsana’s story.
Physically we will employ stillness and inject intensity through spoken voice at microphones recreating the effect of a live radio drama. Imagery will be projected from the Restless Beings picture catalogue combined with specific phrases from our vocal delivery to reinforce the message.

The piece will last for approximately 15 minutes

Rohingya Displaced
Scene 1
Abdullah speaks Shaykh Sa’di poem in Arabic and Ami speaks it in English whiles words of the poem are projected onto screen. Burmese called to prayer is being played underneath. SFX of white noise into news report.
Abdullah Agar yak ozwe badan bashad dar dard
Ami Adam’s sons are body limbs, to say;
Abdullah Tamame bandan dard ra eshsaas mekonad
Ami For they’re created of the same clay.
Abdullah Agar Yak Adamee Bashad Dar Dard
Ami Should one organ be troubled by pain,
Abdullah Tu ham bayad ghamgeen bashee
Ami Others would suffer severe strain.
Abdullah Agar Ghamgeen Nashawee pas
Ami Thou, careless of people’s suffering,
Abdullah khod ra adamee feker Makon
Ami Deserve not the name, human being
Newsreader Muslim groups worldwide are increasing pressure on the Burmese government to stop human rights atrocities committed against ethnic Rohingya Muslims. The plight of the technically stateless group in Burma’s western Rakhine state has long been a concern of the global Muslim community. But attention has intensified in recent weeks after longstanding tensions erupted between the Rohingya and ethnic Rakhine Buddhists, leaving dozens dead and tens of thousands displaced.
The words tens of thousands displaced appear on screen.
Scene 2
In the streets of Arakan
SAMIRA Salaam sister
AFSANA Salaam Sameera
SAMIRA How is Aunty and your grandmother?
AFSANA It’s hard you know, they fear for their lives every single day…
NEWSREADER Rohingyas in Bangladesh Rights Groups warn that more Rohingyas may try to flee Burma into Bangladesh. “The people are desperate,” Mr Robertson says. “They have no other choice and very few options. They feel that they need to flee for their lives”
SOLDIER 1 Ahh, what have we here?
SAMIRA (Flattered) Hello.
AFSANA Let’s go Samira Mum will be waiting for the fish, it’s almost supper time.
SOLDIER 2 Oh Samira, what a beautiful name masha’allah, where are you from?
SAMIRA We are Rohingyan’s, I see you are too, your Arabic is very good Alhamdulillah
SOLDIER 1 & 2 Laughs
SOLDIER 2 Thank you. And what is your name?
SOLDIER 2 Afsana. You look very tired, let us escort you home. Your mother will not want you to miss prayer.
AFSANA No, No we are fine honestly, please Samira let’s go.
NEWSREADER Burma’s military regime has used violence as a tool of repression against the civilian population and particularly ethnic minorities. The state armed forces continue to be the main perpetrators of human rights violations.
SOLDIER 1 How about you Samira, It would be our honour to take you home safely. The streets are dangerous for us Rohingyan’s.
SAMIRA Alhamdulillah, thank you I would be most grateful…but….we..
AFSANA (forcefully)!Let’s go now, I mean it!
SOLDIER 1 Hey, Samira! Look! (Slaps Afsana across the face sound FX)
Afsana falls to the floor due to the slap, quickly gets up and runs away, with both soldiers attentions on getting Samira into their van.
SAMIRA (shouting) Afsana, help me….Afsana! Please….no…please….
AFSANA (out of breath, running away) I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…Samira, forgive me….
In the van with Samira tied up
SOLDIER 1 Stupid khuti (Laughs). Now we have finished with you, you are free to go.
SOLDIER 2 What! (slap noise) Where do you live?
SAMEERA (hesitant, crying) in the… Arakan district
SOLDIER 1 Get dressed, Rohyngya. Take us there.
SOLDIER 1 Take us there…….

Newsreader: In a village near the town of Maungdaw, security forces pursued and opened fire on two dozen Rohingya villagers who had been hiding from the violence in fields and forest areas. The total killed or wounded is unknown, but one survivor told Human Rights Watch that out of a group of eight young men who were fleeing, only two managed to escape unharmed after the security forces fired on them.

Scene 3
Panicking and rushing around
Mother Find anything and take everything you can
Grandmother This is all I have
Afsana Ya Allah Mujhe banchale, Ae Khunda Rehem Kay
Grandmother I have my wedding ring
Mother No, Ami, No!
Grandmother Yes, This might be our only hope
Afsana But Oumi it’s your wedding ring
Grandmother Take it
Afsana But
Grandmother Take it!
Mother What else have you found?
Afsana I’ve got Madar Kalan’s necklace?
Mother That’s been in the family for generations
Grandmother Just get it!
Mother Get the money from the cooking pot; we’ll have to use our life savings
Grandmother It still won’t be enough, I know it
Afsana Ya Allah, Ya Allah
Grandmother We must stay calm, stick together
Afsana Ya Allah, Mujhe banchale, Ae Khunda Rehem Kay
Grandmother We’ll be alright if we stick together, come on…..
Afsana Ya Allah, Mujhe banchale, Ae Khunda Rehem Kay (voice fades out)
Scene 4
Soldiers walk into a Rohingya village apparently to check ID’s, but the actually plan is to burn their houses and kill them all .
SOLDIER 1 Ok everyone I need to see your ID’s …….Oy Saali don’t run…come here , don’t try to be clever with me.
Rohingya boy: I need to go home, my mother is alone, please let me go…
SOLDIER 2 Abhe Saali don’t worry about your mother we will take care of you…………we will take care of everyone here.
SOLDIER 1 Let’s sort them out house by house.
SOLDIER 2 (speaks quietly with other soldiers and says burn the houses and leave)
Saalo ka ghar Jalado aor Niklo yaha se
Mother Let me do all the talking. Are you Jubairi.
JUBAIRI Yes I am Jubairi. Do you have the money?
Mother Yes.
JUBAIRI Where you followed?
Mother No! I don’t think so…
JUBAIRI You don’t think so?! I’m going…
Mother No, wait I… I wasn’t followed.
Jubairi I’m risking my life here
Mother I know, I know.
Jubairi You know the price?
Mother Yes.
Jubairi I must warn you, there is no guarantee that you will make it across the border alive.
Mother We know the risk
JUBAIRI 10,000 people have tried to escape to Bangladesh and only 40% survived,
Mother I know.
Jubairi You have the 6000
Mother 6.000? I only have 2
JUBAIRI For 2,000. I can only take 1.
Mother please! You must take all of us!
Afsana Omi (crying) I won’t go without you and Oumi!
Grandmother Please son! We have no other choice; the soldiers are coming for us.
Jubairi It’s 6,000.
Mother We don’t have any more money!
JUBAIRI Appu! I can’t I can’t take you all! It’s a dangerous business the journey takes 10-12 days’ with no food or water. So Oumi at your age you might not make it. No offence…. Come to see me next month when you’ve got the money.
Mother We might not be alive by then!
JUBAIRI There is nothing else I can offer you. You don’t have enough money so I can’t take you. Now I’m a busy man so….
Mother You must take my daughter now before the patrol soldiers find us.
Afsana No Ami, I won’t go.
Mother You must.
JUBAIRI It’s rare for a girl to go on the journey alone. Are you sure? It would be a waste of your money; she has a 20% chance of making it to the next boat?!
Mother She must go she is not safe here!
Afsana Don’t make me go without you. I’m scared, Ami & Oumi you must come!
JUBAIRI If you are coming you must come now. Jaldi, get in the boat we don’t have much time. From here I will take her to a ship out at sea.
Mother Please take my mother, I’ve got this ring, its worth a lot of money!?
JUBAIRI No we must go now! She might get stuck at the border, give me the ring and I will make sure she gets into Pakistan, safe.
Mother Please find it in your heart to take my mother, she’s old (Begging)
JUBAIRI There is no space! It’s not worth my time! I am saving you the money, you should be grateful.
Sound of footsteps and soldiers
JUBAIRI Footsteps you were followed here! Get in the boat Jaldi, let’s go. NOW!
Afsana Ami, Ami….(CRYING)
Mother Go, we will meet you in Pakistani, soon. Inshallah.
Grandmother Safe journey my daughter.
JUBAIRI Sshh! Keep quite!
Grandmother Khu Da Ha Fiz. (Sound of water as boat rows away)

Scene 6
Knocking at door / banging
*audio noise of door knocking*
Grandmother Ya Allah, Ya Allah be charde
Mother Quickly, hide
*Audio noise banging*
Soldier 1 (aggressively) open the door
Mother Go out the glue door
Grandmother goes, door gets knocked down, soldiers ask for Identification papers.
Soldier 2 De Ko, look around the house.
Soldier 1 We spotted this one trying to get away.
Mother No please, take me she’s vulnerable.
. Soldier 1 slaps mother, mother sobs
Soldier 1 Khuti
Mother continues to sob
Soldier 2 We found the papers sir
*Audio of rustling papers*
Soldier 1 Just as we thought… Rohingyas. Take the old dog, she has no papers.
Mother Please let her go, I’ll do anything
Soldier 1 Take the old dog!
Grandmother gets shoved into van * audio van door shut*
Soldier 1 Stay here
Mother Sobbing… yes sir
*audio of flames*. Mother begins to recite prayer
Mother Allah u Akhbar
Bismillah Arahman Naraheem
Subhanallah kallah huma
Mother notices the fire getting bigger, coughing escapes through the gulee.
Mother (coughing) Ya Allah, Ya Allah
Notices her surroundings *Audio of distress playing in the background*

Scene 7
Audio – ship noises
Afsana Being sick- I feel sick
Jabairi Come here, clean yourself! Do that outside the boat
Afsana I can’t breathe, the smell
Jabairi What, you was warned weren’t you?
Afsana There is urine and fesses everywhere! I feel weak, I need to sit down
Jabairi There’s no space stop complaining. You get your money’s worth
Afsana weeping
Jabairi There’s the boat
Afsana Shukriah(Thank god) sobbing
Jabairi Juldi(quick) on the boat! Jaldi, Jaldi!
Hussain, Aja. Help me move these bodies
People praying, crying, weeping. Babies crying, gasping noises splashing noises, etc
Jabairi (to Hussain pointing at the Afsana) Keep this one safe.
Scene 8
Coughing & crying – in the village. Audio of people in distress
Zomilah We were told to stay inside, but they set our houses on fire.
People were being shot by the Rakhine’s and the police.
There’s no time to put the fire out. We have to leave now.
Mother They’re coming with knives.
Screams & running
We have nothing for them. Why are they doing this?
Zomilah I don’t know. I left in the clothes I’m wearing. I can’t go back.
Mother I must go to Bangladesh to meet my daughter. She’s young, and alone.
Zomilah Come with me. We have a boat heading that way.
Mother Alhamdulilla. Thank you.
Soldiers shouting
Zomilah Come quick. They’re coming!
Running & footsteps
Soldier 1 Quick, quick! They’re in the bushes! Jaldi! Jakdi! Pakare – after them!
Zomilah It’s just there! Almost there!
Soldier 1 Hah! I got one!
Sound of the waves
Mother Afsana!
Afsana Umi!

Ala Kachuu Set Piece

We have decided to interpret this issue through Dance Theatre, combining abstract contemporary dance, inspired by the choreography of Akram Khan with influences from the traditional dance of Kyrgyzstan. The traditional dance has many intricate hand gestures. We have used these hand gestures in our motifs to reflect the Restless Beings Logo.

This piece starts with a calm serenity as we see women praying and performing movements that have a ritualistic feel. As the piece progresses the mood gets darker and more frantic as we see ‘Ala Kachuu’ played out.
The piece consists of duet work, portraying the struggle, surrender and final acceptance of the women’s fate.
Scarves have used to show the ritual of an ‘Ala Kachuu’ as well as the transition of the female dancers from girls into women.

We have selected traditional music from Kyrgyzstan for this section. The first piece is soft and lyrical in feel. The second piece will be percussive and far more frantic in tone.

Throughout the dance piece images will be projected onto the back walls that convey the Ala Kachuu story.

Costume well be simple and clean, allowing for quality and ease of movement

Ala Kachuu
Rehearsal Photographs
Rehearsal photo 1
Showing struggle and surrender were women and young girls were kidnapped from Ala Kachuu.

Rehearsal photo 3Rehearsal photo 2
Women and girls are powerless where the kidnappers are taking them away.
Rehearsal photo 4Rehearsal photo 5
Woman and girls feel helpless and unable to escape.

Rehearsal photo 6
Woman are feeling insecure wanting to be set free and be reunited with family.
Rehearsal photo 7Rehearsal photo 8

Rehearsal photo 9
Fears of anger and how to express emotions of being trapped

Rehearsal photo 10

Kidnappers taking control by force.

Rehearsal photo 11

Women anguish in her expression.
Rehearsal photo 12
Resorting to praying for a source of help as a last resort.


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