Cultural Entrepreneurship portfolio – Interdisciplinary project

Interdisciplinary project, PA 1104 Lewis meetings.

Week3 rehearsal page2 continued.

#Angie Tex using for the performance, would you call your mother, would you pray, would you wish your life to end,

#then Angie will say more Tex quotes that were made up by the group.

#Then myself and Angie run through some movement without arms, giving directions like air hostess I I felt this will be a good idea. So we would incorporate some movement back, keeping in with the theme of the characters.

#the dancers then ran through the movement using the time tunnel syndrome.

#some of their movement was fast abrupt, and some of the movement using the time tunnel syndrome was slow ally gated and stretched out.

#while the dancers would do in their movement. We walked to the other side of the room.

#this worked very well because of the stretching of time and what it represents. Within a real disastrous situation.

#we interact with the dancers to link the work together.

#we use music and sound effects, which creates atmosphere Association to subject matter, draws audience feeling the emotion in connection with the movement and with what’s happening.

We ended the rehearsal, we all think it went very well and I placed all the props in the locker ready for Monday for the dress rehearsal


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