Group Meeting with Hillary in Docklands Library

Tuesday 8th April 2014 Group Tutorial

Group Members Present:




I discussed with Hillary about Sherlock Homes on how I was going to use Sherlock Homes and connect it into research. I mentioned I will make the link on Sherlock Homes. I did Spidergrams to come up with the answers and how everything would link together. Also to do research on Sherlock Homes and to do research on research and link it together.

Adam will use a blank book and come up with ideas on what concepts he will use, e.g the story and what he got out of the story.

Pat will use magic and illussion and hiw she is using her work and putting it all together.

We all walked around the library with Hillary  and we discussed where we were placing our performance,  why and what plot we were going to use, how we will use the library with students tours. We even talked about a group member who was not present on which areas of the library will be suitable for our project. Pat, Adam and I went into the part of the library in which Pat recorded how she will use those areas for her performance.


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